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International Animal Shipping in Sweden

Manlötens quarantine, currently ScandiPet, opened in 1976 and it is located in a small, beautiful farm, 30 minutes north of Stockholm and 30 minutes from Arlanda Airport (by car). After working with the quarantine imports for a short while, we began receiving requests to help export the same animals we had imported to quarantine (thanks to Dr Walter Woolf!).

We began slowly and then in 2004 decided there was a big need for expertise in animal shipping in Sweden. The same year, we become a member of IPATA, International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. We work closely with many other IPATA companies around the world. We help each other with import/export queries and/or with transport within member countries.

Thanks to these solid partnerships we maintain with other pet shippers worldwide we have even been able to broaden our range of services to provide door-to-door transport and animal companion schemes. Each move is an independent case with its fun and challenges. We do our best to ensure the safest travel plan for your pet.

We help you all the way with shipping your pet

Export from Sweden

We help you all the way with the export of your pet.

Import into Sweden

We help you all the way with the import of your pet.

Certificates & Documents

We assist you on the preparation of your export documents.

Quotation Forms

Send us a quotiation for export or import of your animal.

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