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If you don’t have your own kennel, or you are unsure which crate size will best fit your travelling pet and you want to offer your pet a good travelling experience then our kennels inventory is a wise choice. ScandiPet has  IATA approved pet crates in different standard sizes.

Providing your pet´s measurements

While we normally know which crate will best fit a given breed at a given age, we ask the client to provide us the pet’s measurements at the time of booking to prevent from having problems with airlines check at airport. Airlines advice that the travelling pet should have enough space to stand up, lay down and move freely to eat or drink inside his crate.

We rely on your cooperation in providing us continuous updates of the correct measurements of your pet until a week before departure. In some cases, wrong measurements and wrong crate size can cause unnecessary extra costs, as the airfreight price depends upon the volume of the kennel and worst case scenario that airlines will not accept the pet.

Vari kennels

Small Varikennel 53x41x38 cm
Nomad 60x40x40 cm
Medium Varikennel 71x52x54 cm
Intermediate Varikennel 81x57x61 cm
Large Varikennel 91x63x69 cm
XL Varikennel 102x69x76 cm
Giant Varikennel 122x81x89 cm

1000 SEK
1300 SEK
1600 SEK
2000 SEK
2300 SEK
2600 SEK
3800 SEK

Scandipet Wooden Kennels

ScandiPet wooden kennels are used for large breed shipments like German shepherds and Leonbergers. These crates are made with solid wood (12mm thickness) and designed in a manner to have good ventilation and secured containers loading and stuffing. We provide crates with deep stainless steel water bowl.


In case your pet needs a NON-standard crate size we can order it for you.

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