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ScandiPet is an approved pet transport company that has an official license from the Swedish Board of Agriculture for transporting pets.

We are able to assist you with the preparation of the export documents from id-marking to the final veterinary certificate before travel. ScandiPet has elaborated its private database of country export files based on local requirements for each country and the company overall shipping activity. We follow a classification that:

  • divides the world into categories or group of countries that have the same specifications
  • is independent from any other official publications
  • assigns to each category of countries its own export check-list that must be fulfilled before the departure.

The country check-list is provided to our customer the time of booking along with other directions.

Below list is an overview of the veterinary services we are providing. Further details are discussed when we get your booking.

  • ISO-standard microchip marking
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Rabies blood tests sent to the National Veterinary Institute of Sweden (SVA), Uppsala
  • Treatment against Echinococcus spp with a preparation containing praziquantel.
  • Official health inspection, health certificate and completion of the health part in pet’s passport (applicable for EU)
  • Treatment against external parasites such us fleas and ticks (with Frontline)
  • Treatment against internal parasites such as worms (with Milbemax)
  • DHPPi vaccination
  • Assorted blood tests sent to SVA
  • Veterinary Certificate A (for Australia and New Zealand)
  • Veterinary Certificate B (for Australia and New Zealand)
  • Sealing
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