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Animal export regulations are different from one country to another. Sweden is a rabies free country and that can make things easier for export to some countries. However, some countries have strict rules for import to their territories from all EU countries.

For this reason, we provide a checklist that you can follow to make sure the requirements for the country your pet is traveling to are fulfilled. Our key to success is keeping our database constantly updated with changing rules and airlines policies.

Please make sure you start planning a move to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc about a year before planned travel. For other countries, it is always good to start planning at least a few months before travel to comply with needed vaccinations, treatments, documents, etc. We need your booking info at least 2 weeks before travel and preferably earlier to start booking flights and provide you with a checklist.

Before booking with us you can take a look at the web pages listed at bottom of our web page for requirements to the most common countries.

Airport-To-Airport Transport

All bookings include our consultancy, export documents verification, airline booking and airwaybill issuing. The customer can choose to do all the paperwork themselves.  We arrange the flight routing and schedule according to our trusted connections and customer’s preferences. You can also choose that we provide crate, health certificate, destination services, etc.

What you need to bring with you to the airport

  • Originals of the import documents which are applicable to your destination country including a health certificate done within 7 days of travel.
  • Blanket, and in case we are not providing you the crate, you need to bring your own approved cage and deep metal bowl with ice on it.
  • A quantity of your pet’s food that should last for three days. (This is a little extra than needed, just in case there should be any delays.)

What you need to do before meeting us at the airport

  • If you have an adult pet, it’s best to not feed at least six hours before travel.
  • If your pet is a dog, give him/her plenty of exercise to help him/her prepare for the travel.
  • Make sure you e-mail us in advance copies of all documents that should travel with the pet. (Please mail these documents to us at least 1 week before travel.)
  • A health certificate that is less than 7 days old.
  • Meeting place Arlanda depends on airline: Meet up with us at Arlanda Cargo City at Cargo center (Emirates, Lufthansa and other airlines at Fraktvägen 45B), Spirit (SAS airlines and Fraktvägen 29) or WFS (KLM or Qatar airlines and Fraktvägen 36B).

What you need to do at pet’s arrival.

We recommend you use an agent in import country to make things as simple as possible. Please ask us, if you would like us to connect you with one of our agents around the world.

If you are going to do the import yourself, please prepare that the process can take hours, some running around and there will always be a fee on receiving airport end for their services.

The airlines will call you before shipping and will give you info about when/where you should be on arrival day. Please make sure you get all info regarding pick up place, time and costs from airline when they contact you to give the ok to send your pet. If a veterinary check is needed in import country please also make sure you get all info from airline so that you can prepare for this veterinary check.

Airline will be based in importing country and they will have needed info for airport you are importing your pet into.

Door-To-Airport Transport

In addition to the package presented above, we pick up your pet at residence one or two days prior to departure. The pet will be boarded at our premises and taken care of. It is very common that our clients ask for this service when we do the veterinary health check ourselves one day before travel.

Here are some prices for pickup. For other locations use our contact form.

Pickup at residence within Stockholm
Pickup at residence in Göteborg
Pickup at residence in Västerås
Pickup at residence in Malmö
Pickup at residence in Gävle
1200   SEK
11000 SEK
2500 SEK
14000 SEK
3000 SEK

Door-To-Door Transport

We can arrange customs clearance and the delivery of your pet upon arrival in the country of destination. Thanks to the trusted network of partners and pet shipping companies we have developed, we are able to provide you a door to door overseas transport. Due to the nature of this service, we would recommend you to contact us 3-4 weeks prior to departure so we can arrange the best itinerary.

Pet Companion

ScandiPet offers you the option that one of our experienced agents travels with your pet, (preferably a small size dog, cat or a puppy) all the way to the destination airport along with doing the customs clearance. It is recommended when your pet needs special care due to age or other factors.

We can also drive your pet to your residence in many European countries. We do this frequently within Scandinavia and we have partners that help us with transports to the United Kingdom monthly.

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